The Faculty Bibliography highlights the scholarship and creativity of Columbus State University's faculty.


Submissions from 2015

The 16th annual Guitar Symposium Competition, Sharpe Zohn Guitar Duo, Carlos Pérez. [sound recording] : February 28, 2015., Andrew Zohn, Robert Sharpe, and Carlos Pérez

Submissions from 2014

An alternative approach to Titrating Fe2(aq) in dietary supplement tablets using electrolytically produced Ce 4+(aq), Samuel Abegaz

Determination of cadmium and chromium in commercial wine samples, Samuel Abegaz

An alternative approach for preparing and standardizing some common aqueous reagents used in an undergraduate laboratory, Samuel Abegaz and Rajeev Dabke

Early to Middle Ordovician back-arc basin in the southern Appalachian Blue Ridge: Characteristics, extent, and tectonic significance, Clinton Barineau

Beyond the Rubric: English Teachers' Perspectives on Teacher Quality and Evaluation., Erinn Bentley

Supernovas and Superheroes: Examining Unfamiliar Genres and Teachers' Pedagogical Content Knowledge., Erinn Bentley

A Geometric Consideration of the Erd\H{o}s-Straus Conjecture, Kyle Bradford and Eugen Ionascu


The Effects of Math Anxiety on Mathematical Academic Success During the Freshman Year, Jennifer Brown


What Can Alumni Tell us About the Retention?, Jennifer Brown

The Relationship Of Moral Distress, Ethical Environment, And Nurse Job Satisfaction, Jennifer Brown, Parker F. M, and Lazenby R. B

A canonical correlation analysis of the influence of contextual factors on reading instruction: Evidence from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study first grade sample, Camille Bryant

Navigating the tenure and promotion portfolio, Camille Bryant

Research-everybody's doing it: Answers to questions about contemporary research, Camille Bryant

Shaping OurSpace: A multidisciplinary approach to developing spatial thinking, Camille Bryant

Shaping OurSpace: When theatre, georgraphy, and pedagogy mix, Camille Bryant, Becky Becker, Amanda Rees, Andrea Frazier, Amanda Rees, and Andrea Frazier

University Singers and Choral Union: Labor of love. [sound recording] : February 13, 2014., Janie Bullock and Susan Hoskins

Euphonium & Tuba Studio recital, students of Martin Cochran & Andrew Miller. [sound recording] : November 3, 2014., Janie Bullock, Aesook Lim, and Alice Roxana-Barna

Understanding the spectacular failure of DNA barcoding in willows ( Salix): Does this result from a trans-specific selective sweep?, Kevin Burgess, Diana Percy, George Argus, Quentin Cronk, Aron Fazekas, Prasad Kesanakurti, Brian Husband, Steven Newmaster, Spencer Barrett, and Sean Graham

"Student Success through Academic Analytics", Tina Butcher, Gina Sheeks, and Sridhar Sitharaman

Generational Differences in Attitudes toward Korean Unification, Kyle Christensen

Teaching in Times of Changing Administrations and Stringent Budgets, Kyle Christensen

"South Korean Youth Attitudes toward Unification", Kyle Christensen and Thomas Dolan

Generational Differences in Attitudes toward Korean Unification, Kyle Christensen, Thomas Dolan, and Kimberly Gill

Martin Cochran euphonium. [sound recording] : September 22, 2014., Martin Cochran and Susan Hoskins