Servant Leadership: Theory & Practice


Mentor programs are an important component of transition programs, which help students successfully navigate the shift from middle school to high school. With that being said, little research has examined the impact of participation in a mentor program on the mentors’ servant leadership skill set. Therefore, the purpose of this qualitative case study was to investigate the impact of a peer mentor program and challenge course training component on the mentor’s perceived servant leadership skill-set. This study explored the impact on participants from a high school peer mentor program who graduated in 2018-2019 and had additional life experience from which to draw. Data were collected through semi-structured interviews as well as the researcher’s bracketing journal. The findings led to a major theme aligned to the Barbuto and Wheeler (2006) Servant Leadership Questionnaire and revealed that there was an impact on the participants’ servant leadership skill set through their participation in the yearlong peer mentor program that had an initial challenge course training component. The results and corresponding discussion yield a potential framework for other peer mentor programs to follow.