Servant Leadership: Theory & Practice


Transformational leadership has been widely researched in for-profit organizations; however, it lacks empirical support among nonprofit organizations (Palumbo, 2016; Riggio, Bass, & Orr, 2003), as does servant leadership theory. The intent of this study was to extend previous research on transformational leadership and employee engagement and to determine whether nonprofit employees are more committed in organizations in which transformational leadership is the primary leadership style and encourage similar research on servant leadership in nonprofit organizational settings. Drawing from a survey of 389 nonprofit employees in the United States, correlational analysis found that transformational leadership significantly linked to one of the three components of organizational commitment (normative commitment). Based on these findings, this article highlights implications and suggestions for future research as well as empirical insights on how transformational and servant leadership need further study in the nonprofit sector.

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Robert Freeborough and Kathleen Patterson, Exploring the Effect of Transformational Leadership on Nonprofit Leader Engagement