Most Recent Additions*


Concurrent Word Generation and Motor Performance: Further Evidence for Language-Motor Interaction
Amy D. Rodriguez, Matthew L. McCabe, Joe R. Nocera, and Jamie Reilly


Improving Retrieval Efficacy of Homology Searches Using the False Discovery Rate
Hyrum D. Carroll, Alex Williams, Anthony G. Davis, and John L. Spouge


Analysis of Long Branch Extraction and Long Branch Shortening
Timothy O’ Connor, Kenneth Sundberg, Hyrum Carroll, Mark Clement, and Quinn Snell


PathGen: A Transitive Gene Pathway Generator
Kendell Clement, Nathaniel Gustafson, Amanda Berbert, Hyrum Carroll, Christopher Merris, Ammon Olsen, Mark Clement, Quinn Snell, Jared Allen, and Randall J. Roper


Threshold Average Precision (TAP-k): A Measure of Retrieval Designed for Bioinformatics
Hyrum D. Carroll, Maricel G. Kann, Sergey L. Sheetlin, and John L. Spouge


DNA Reference Alignment Benchmarks Based on Tertiary Structure of Encoded Proteins
Hyrum Carroll, Wesley Beckstead, Timothy O' Connor, Mark Ebbert, Mark Clement, Quinn Snell, and David McClellan

*Updated as of 02/01/23.