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Like other countries, Teacher Education is very important in Chinese education. It involves the great task to foster teachers for all levels of Chinese education. Since 1978 when China opened her door to reform, great changes have taken place in many aspects of Teacher Education. Government officials more often recognize that we must train good teachers to fostering good students. Only excellent teachers can educate excellent students. Teachers are being asked to improve their knowledge and skills. We are committed to reform the old system of teacher education and teacher training so that it can foster better teachers for our schools. Teacher Education has spawned extensive theory and practice. I will divide my topics into two parts: Teacher Education and Teacher Training. These topics are different aspects of the same problem. In this paper, I will focus on the pre-service teacher training when I talk about teacher education. However, when I talk about teacher training, I will focus on the in-service teacher training.

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Chen Xiaoduan is Professor teaching at Shaanxi Normal University in Xii'an, China. He is a well-published author and was recently hosted at Columbus State University as an International Visiting Scholar. He is a Backbone Teacher on the National Level in his University this year.

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