Date of Award





Doctor of Education

Degree Type

Degree of Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Leadership


Counseling, Foundations & Leadership

First Advisor

Dr. Jan G. Burcham

Second Advisor

Dr. Dierdre Greer

Third Advisor

Dr. Aaron R. Gierhart


Teacher collaboration practices in schools have impacted how teachers work together to prevent professional isolation. The mandate of collaborative practices has resulted in some teachers expressing frustration and a lack of benefit from their current experiences. The purpose of this qualitative case study, conducted in the Southeast region of the United States, was to determine if lesson study provided a more meaningful collaborative approach during focused group sessions. Using New London Group’s (1996) designs of meaning concept encapsulated in the Pedagogy of Multiliteracies Theoretical Framework to gauge the relevance of lesson study, I sought to explore a deeper understanding of the attitudes and perceptions of elementary educators practicing this method. The participants in this study, the kindergarten collaboration team, consisted of three kindergarten teachers, one special education teacher, one media specialist teacher, and one technology specialist teacher. The individuals’ teaching experience ranged from 17 to 30 years. Data collected included field notes, focus group reflections of team lesson observations, transcriptions from semi-structured individual interviews, and a focus group interview. The overarching research question that drove this study was: What were the attitudes and perceptions of elementary educators towards practicing lesson study and its influence on the quality of teaching? Findings from this investigation revealed that participants going through the lesson study were appreciative from acquiring a unique collaborative experience. A new team dynamic, introspective analyses, and transformation of teacher learning contributed to a meaningful collaborative process. Furthermore, maximizing colleagues’ skillsets, preparation, and learning-by-doing heightened the quality of instructional math practices. vi Table of