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Parul Acharya

Second Advisor

Thomas McCormack

Third Advisor

Aaron "Chip" Reese


Leadership is a transformational process that moves followers to achieve more than is usually expected of them. Research has shown that transformational leadership positively impacts and inspires job satisfaction, organizational commitment and employee engagement among academic lecturers and student populations. But little research has explored the impact of these constructs within the context of non-academic, lower level support staff in higher education. The purpose of this study was to explore the impact of Transformational Leadership characteristics on the perceptions of lower level, support staff’s job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and work engagement in a technical college in Southwest Georgia. The target population for this study was non-academic, lower-level support staff. The instrument of measure was a survey created by combining parts of four surveys, Multi-factor Leadership Questionnaire, Job Satisfaction Survey, 3 Component Model of Commitment, and Utrecht Work Engagement Survey. A quantitative correlation study was conducted to determine the strength of the affect among the continuous variables.

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