Date of Award

Spring 1-3-2021




Doctor of Education


Teacher Education

First Advisor

Anna Hart, EdD

Second Advisor

Tugce Gul, PhD

Third Advisor

Marguerite H. Yates, PhD


The purpose of this qualitative case study was to understand the perceptions of administrators toward the process of STEAM curriculum implementation using a curriculum change lens. The study centers on the qualitative data gathered through the views and experiences of principals who work toward addressing the needs of a future workforce through the STEAM method. Research questions included: (1) What are administrators' perceptions of implementing the STEAM curriculum approach to instruction within an elementary school? (2) What are characteristics of administrators who have guided STEAM curriculum implementation? Data were collected through questionnaires, interviews with individual leaders, and artifacts. The gathering such information aided in providing a clearer illustration of the thoughts of administrators implementing STEAM curriculum.