Date of Award






Degree Type

Bachelor of Arts


Theatre Department

First Advisor

Bruce Getz

Second Advisor

Brenda May Ito

Third Advisor

David Turner


High school is a great place to start acting and learn about theatre, but it can also be a place where actors develop substandard practices. Nevertheless, there are several acting methods that can be used to combat these habits. By delivering videos that focus on these techniques and are tailored to both young and seasoned actors, actors can obtain a better understanding of acting and can be more well-equipped as they approach their work. In order to create these videos, research into the different acting methods and their respective creators was conducted. The information gained from this inquiry was then utilized to synthesize video scripts. The videos consist of descriptions of the different techniques and demonstrations of various exercises from those methodologies. Once the videos were shot, Final Cut Pro editing software was used to organize and edit the clips. After the videos were completed, they were then uploaded to YouTube so that audiences could access them. Actors can then use these videos to further hone their craft and achieve their highest potential.