Date of Award





Theatre - Performance Track

Degree Type

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance


Theatre Department

First Advisor

Lawrence McDonald

Second Advisor

Susan Tomkiewicz

Third Advisor

Ryan Lynch


My thesis was intended to inform readers about the one-woman show I performed, A Mother. In addition, my thesis described job positions within my field and the research I conducted for my production. Essentially, this may allow readers without any experience in the theatre to understand the process an actor undergoes during a production. Typically there are many people on a production team performing various roles. Instead, my tremendous challenge was acting as producer, director, actor, event coordinator, part designer, and marketing director. This paper includes acting advice from classmates, my instructor, Larry McDonald, and details of my use of the acting methods of Sanford Meisner. The most significant resources I used for assistance with character work and directorial decisions are included. The script of A Mother was written by the late Franca Rame and, Dario Fo who won the 1997 Nobel Prize for Literature.