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Is technology the wave of the future? Society says "YES" when it is convenient and educators respond with a multitude of answers. The use of technology in today's classroom has become a controversial curricular topic for those inside and outside the classroom. Why? I am sure that many of the same arguments used today against the use of technology in P-12 education are similar to those used during the past 100 years. Imagine the thousands of educators a hundred years ago that said, "The use of this new invention will destroy the writing ability of our children. There will be no need to write letters. Our children will become lazy because they will prefer using this telephone device rather than being polite and properly visiting their neighbors." I am sure that Mr. Bell was extremely concerned that he was destroying the future of America with his invention of the telephone.

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Dr. David Rock is currently Dean of the College of Education at Columbus State University. He received his B.S. in Mathematics form Vanderbilt University, M.A. in Mathematics Education from the University of Central Florida, and Ed. D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Central Florida. David has taught mathematics in Florida and Mississippi at the middle and high school level. He was a professor at The University of Mississippi and the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. He has conducted a multitude of educational workshops and seminars at local, state, and national conferences in which his goal is to increase interest and enthusiasm of the teaching and learning of mathematics. He is the developer of White House Math Challenge [www.whitehouse.gov/kids/math] and the CSU Internet Math Contests which encourages students to utilize the Internet to solve challenging mathematics problems from across the globe. David has also coauthored 15 books including Teaching Secondary Mathematics (2006), Scratch Your Brain Where It Itches (2001, 2006, 2008), and Teaching K-6 Mathematics (2003).

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