The College of Education (COE) coordinates field experiences and clinical practice for teacher education through its Partner School Network (PSN) and the Office of College of Education Services and Field Experiences (SAFE). The Partner School Network is made up of school personnel within the CSU service area who have agreed to collaborate with the COE in designing, delivering, and evaluating field experiences and clinical practice. Exceptions are made when students are employed in a school system outside the PSN. In recent semesters, the M.Ed. School Counseling program has been integrated into certain aspects connected with the PSN. Most notably, the placement process for school counseling field experiences within the PSN has become more efficient due, in part, to decisions grounded in data obtained by the SAFE Office and School Counseling Program faculty. For example, these data sources help in identifying which sites contain interested and qualified prospective supervisors and in providing feedback from advisory committee members to enhance program development related to clinical field experiences.

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S. Lenoir Gillam is a Professor in the Department of Counseling, Educational Leadership, and Professional Studies at Columbus State University, Columbus, Georgia. Her primary research interests involve group work and supervision and training issues.

Lisa Shaw serves as Director of the College of Education Services and Field Experiences (SAFE) Office at Columbus State University. Her professional interests include school counseling and academic advising.

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