The career counselor’s role over the past 100 years or so has evolved from being a placement tool in the industrial revolution to that of providing a more holistic approach to meeting both the career and personal concerns of individuals. More and more counselors are beginning to focus on the person as a whole, including values, interests, abilities, skills, and work-life experiences, as they counsel on career-related issues (Zunker, 2006). As a focus on human development and the whole person enters the counseling field, school counselors are faced with developing comprehensive school guidance systems that meet the needs of students throughout elementary and high school. These programs focus on the importance of career development throughout the lifespan rather than during only one period. Due to this increased importance on career development, a psycho-educational group aimed at addressing the needs and concerns of high school students is a much-needed intervention in the development of career concepts in students. Students are faced with making key career decisions in high school before many are equipped with the knowledge and maturity to make those decisions effectively.

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Jennifer E. McGhee is a Counseling graduate student at Columbus State University.

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