Most know the damaging and lethal effects that drugs and alcohol pose upon our children and young people today. Parents and schools work hard at limiting these terrible and devastating results. However, is this effort enough and what is the latest research on alcohol and drug use by school age children? Although there are significant effects from drug and alcohol use on health and academic achievement, there are a variety of interventions used in keeping children clean. Alcohol and drug use by school-age children poses serious health and safety risks. The three leading causes of death for 15-24 year olds are automobile accidents, homicides, and suicides. The leading factor in all three of these causes is alcohol (Focus Adolescent Services). In 2001, it was reported that an astounding 3,000,000 persons aged 16-20 have driven while under the influence of alcohol at least once in the past year (The National Household Survey on Drug Abuse, May, 2003).

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Judson McCarley and Heather Holloway are both enrolled in the Masters of Education in School Counseling program at Columbus State University.

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