Change is never easy. Sustained change in education is particularly difficult. To get the desired results, all of the stakeholders must have a shared vision for learning. It is a process not a destination. Brewer Elementary School has been in the process of change in the past several years. Brewer is in the heart of Columbus, Georgia. The school opened in 1991. The building itself is a welcome focal point in a community of apartments, low rent housing, trailer parks and businesses. It is a safe, clean, happy place for children to learn. The school currently has approximately 520 students in pre-kindergarten thru fifth grade. There is a high population of special education students served at the school in the mildly intellectually disabled, severe/profound, learning disabled and behavior disordered programs. Ninety-two percent of the children are African American, four percent Caucasian, two percent Hispanic and two percent are of mixed race. There is an even distribution of male and female students.

Author's Biographies

Janet LaFortune has been a teacher for Muscogee County School District for the past fifteen years. She has taught kindergarten, first, and second grades. Her current position is academic coach where she has played a role in launching and supporting school reform by conducting staff development activities within her school and district.

Carol Ann Wood has been a teacher in Muscogee County School District for the past 19 years. She has taught kindergarten, first grade, and special education classes. She currently serves in the position of Title One teacher and parenting coordinator.

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