Making the transition to a higher grade or new school is one of the most exciting and frightening experiences of an adolescent’s life. Many sixth and eighth grade students are full of hope and enthusiasm at the thought of going to a new school. Making a transition to a new school offers a multitude of opportunities such as creating a whole new identity, making new friends, being involved in new activities, starting over academically, continuing his/her academic success, and gaining independence from one’s parents. On the other end of the spectrum, many students enter a higher grade or a new school with uncertainty and apprehension. Both female and male students fear teasing from upperclassmen, academic failure, social failure, and learning to survive in a new territory. These new stressors and challenges combined with adolescence can contribute to either a positive or negative experience for each transitioning student.

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Nikki Earl is completing her Masters in Education in School Counseling. She enjoyed an internship at a local elementary school and looks forward to another semester there.

Kristy Adkin is completing her Masters in Education in School Counseling. She was placed for her internship at an elementary school in the fall. She hopes to attend a middle school to complete her second internship. Kristy would like to work with young children and pre-teenagers.

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