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Through the years, millions of students have participated in some version of cooperative learning. As evidenced by the numbers of published papers, several educators have reassessed and revised their cooperative learning techniques, but perhaps very few have done more for the refinement of this form of teaching than Roger and David Johnson, professors at the University of Minnesota and founders of the Collaborative Learning Center. These two educators have been training teachers to use small groups for instructional purposes since 1966 and seem to have the most productive approach to collaborative learning. Cooperative learning has been misused or undervalued, a fact illustrated by the number of educators who have never been taught how to realize and appreciate its potential. In this paper, practices regarding traditional and high-performance cooperative learning groups are reviewed and an example of how these techniques have been used in a secondary art classroom is described.

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Todd Applegate is an art teacher and the boys varsity soccer coach at Central High School in Phenix City, Alabama. He is also an artist and a graduate student pursuing a MEd in the Department of Art at Columbus State University. His current research interests are drawing, painting, and postmodern art theory and education.

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