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Deep in Georgia's agricultural heartland sits the small town of Butler. This town of only 1,900 residents is the county seat for Taylor County, which has a population of only 8,800. Butler appears as the classic example of a rural county seat in the South. Surrounding that are a few dozen pre-war brick buildings that comprise most of the businesses in town. A few pick-up trucks parked at the curb, and some people walking about at a leisurely pace complete the picture of a town where time seems to stand still. Some would say the atmosphere reminds them of the good old days but others would remind us that those good old ·days had some bad institutions. One of those institutions is right there in Butler, Georgia: racially separate high school proms.

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Edward Howard is a Columbus State University junior majoring in Education, Secondary History. He has recently retired from the Army with 23 years of military service in the infantry and related fields. His last position was First Sergeant. He is currently the President of the CSU History Club. His primary research interest is in history.

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