James Brewbaker


A common perception about teacher educators is that they preach better than they practice. Too many accomplished elementary and secondary teachers recall an education professor’s tedious class on the limitations of the lecture—delivered, sad to say, in a traditional lecture format. Too many accomplished teachers recall courses in which learning was measured solely through pencil-and-paper, short-answer recognition-and-recall tests that promoted cramming, test taking, and, too soon thereafter, forgetting the material in question. Too many accomplished teachers learned their craft in spite of faculty who were anything but pedagogical role models.

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James Brewbaker is Professor of English Education at Columbus State University. Formerly Chair of Curriculum and Instruction (1983-1995), he is poetry editor of the English Journal. He edited Poems by Adolescents and Adults (NCTE, 2002) and won first place in poetry at the Sandhills Writers Conference in 2003 and 2004.

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