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The U.S. Supreme Court in 1987 stated that creationism is a form of religion and thus was not to be taught in a public school (CBSNEWS.com, 2002; Holden, 2002). Since that ruling at least four court cases have reiterated that public schools are under mandate to teach evolution as the science of the origin of man. However, the continuing debate and legal maneuvering indicate that the fight between those who favor the decision and those who support teaching creationism is far from over (Matsumura, 2002). Intelligent design, or the teaching that living things are too complex to have occurred through random genetic change and thus must be controlled by an intelligent lifeform, has become the focus of those who resist the evolution theory. While those who support this design do not suggest the nature of that lifeform, they acknowledge there could be a Biblical God, but they are open to other explanations (West, 2002).

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Linda Lenhard earned her Bachelor's degree in Middle Grade Science from Columbus State University in 1999.

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