Columbus High School's All-Magnet Academy: Brain-Drain or Flagship?


Mark W. Anthony


A school board member explained why Columbus High has retained its status despite the controversy. She says that CHS is an example of the potential of the system and that the solution to the inequity is not to destroy what one school has built but to find ways for other schools to improve themselves. She says that the school board is committed to the idea of providing choice in education to the citizens of Columbus, and she hopes that there will come a day when there are no zoning districts for schools. She compares the current system of zoning to a socialist program and believes that introducing a system of choice will improve education overall by creating competition among schools. If a school objects to losing students to other schools, they will have to find ways to make themselves more attractive to the best students. “It’s time to change the idea that certain students belong to certain schools because of where they live,” asserted the school board member. “Education is about the students, not the schools.”

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Mark Anthony is a Columbus, Georgia, native and a recent graduate of Columbus State University with a bachelor of arts in history. He plans to pursue a career in secondary education teaching History and Latin, coaching football, and working with drama. He is currently employed as assistant youth director at Asbury United Methodist Church in Columbus.

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