Thomas Abell


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Materials used for “Social Change” include cards from the card catalogue at CSU, India ink, and a clear tank.

Usually, my work is two-dimensional and figurative, incorporating mediums such as graphite, pastel, charcoal, or computer manipulation/design software. After being present with library cards to do a sculptural piece, however, as an artist, I decided to learn more towards the minimalist/conceptual style of art as it would be most effective in describing the close-mindedness of society.

The cards from the card catalogue range from social ethics to social changes. The clear tank is representative of the invisible walls established by society to confine and pigeon-hole morals, difficult social issues, and common, everyday changes. The ink splatter is used to describe the mess and chaos that results from the pressure of society’s confines and the difficulties that are encountered.

As a whole, “Social Change” attempts to push the viewer to reflect inward and relate to the piece on an emotional and spiritual level.


Columbus State University, CSU Libraries, Card Catalog, Art, Sculpture