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Through specific practices in methods classes, prospective teachers can be taught the benefits of professional activism. One such strategy is to provide students with complimentary copies of "Language Arts" and ask them to read two or three articles that especially interest them. Another strategy asks students to read, select, and submit one or two articles from the "English Journal" that could be included in a class anthology of effective teaching practices. Still another assignment requires students to offer solutions/suggestions for problems raised in "Classroom Practices," a series published by the National Councilof Teachers of English. A procedure that calls for considerable student involvement is the "mini-conference" in which students are asked to role-play published professionals, offering their ideas and strategies in conference-fashion to other members of the class. Writing assignments can call for the use of professional publications as models and stipulatls, a teacher audience for essays. Yet another strategy allows students to substitute conference attendance and participation for a major course assignment. By incorporating such practices in a methods course, students can learn to profit from professional studies and to practice a professional role.

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