The impact of social media on instruction in higher education

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Handbook of Research on Mobile Devices and Applications in Higher Education Settings

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© 2016 by IGI Global. All rights reserved. The technological revolution of the past two decades has changed communication in contemporary educational settings. Consequently, there is now a wide gulf between the unlimited use of technology and higher education, particularly with respect to digital communications between professors and students. Technology offers college students an array of options to socialize, network, stay informed and connected, but with risks and consequences. As social media use by students becomes more established, educators in higher education are pursuing methods to continue significant and appropriate contact with their audience. Web 2.0 digital technologies convey information and permit interaction with distance participants. Personal use of digital technologies for social media communication is one thing; social media use by professors for communication with students is another. Can social media be used in higher education to improve learning through student and faculty collaboration and are there less than desirable results in the interaction of social media and higher education?

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