Data mining in global higher education: Opportunities and challenges for learning

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Utilizing educational data mining techniques for improved learning: Emerging research and opportunities

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© 2020, IGI Global. All Rights reserved. Historically, educators in higher education have searched for reliable means and methods to increase student learning. Many techniques and strategies have been used and even some have taken the form of laws to incorporate certain approaches to learning. However, there has not been one method proved effective in all situations for all students. One of the biggest challenges that global educational institutions face is the explosive growth of educational data and how to use this data to improve the quality of instructional and managerial decisions. Global higher education leaders embraced data-driven practices as an opportunity to improve efficiency, objectivity, transparency, and innovation. As a result, global higher education institutions are producing a large amount of student related data every year. Technology has given educators in higher education access to methods for assessing learning and engagement. Educational data mining is a relatively new process in global higher education that provides a tool to analyze this data and extract valuable information.

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