Society 5.0: A simulation study of self checkout operations in a grocery store

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32nd European Modeling and Simulation Symposium, EMSS 2020

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Agent based modeling, Discrete event simulation, Dynamic scheduling, Hybrid simulation, Queuing system, Society 5.0


© 2020 The Authors. Society 5.0 refers to a technology-based human-centered society that integrates cyber-physical systems and uses advanced technology to improve everyday life. Past and present queuing systems, such as grocery stores, will transition to Society 5.0. Queues in grocery stores are part of the shoppers' everyday routine. Changes in grocery stores' queues involve the replacement of servers by self-checkout machines. Nowadays, a continuously increasing number of grocery retailers have been adopting a self-service checkout approach as a waiting time-saving solution. This paper utilizes simulation to examine the queues in a grocery shop and compare the waiting time of shoppers and throughput during checkout in counter service and self-service. Point of Sales (POS) system transaction data from a grocery store were analyzed and used in the simulation model. Alternative scenarios were modeled and simulated to understand how a different number of cashiers and self-service machines will impact the throughput and customers' waiting time. The results provide insights on the flow efficiency and effectiveness of the checkout operations under different configurations.

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