Oral history interview with R. Spencer Garrard

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Summary: This interview with Mr. Spencer Garrard covers his early life, early education, and his time spent at Columbus State University as a student and as a faculty member. Mr. Garrard recalls his time as a student on the Columbus College campus during the Vietnam War and the impact of that war on the campus. He describes student demographics as well as the relationship between students and faculty. He also talks about the changing of the mascot and how that process occurred. Moving to Mr. Garrard's time as a faculty member, he discusses his position on campus and the corresponding responsibilities. In addition, he also talks about the presidents of Columbus State University and their impact on the institution. Commenting on the growth of Columbus State University, Mr. Garrard talks about the affect of the addition of dorms, as well as the addition of the downtown Riverpark campus. To conclude the interview, Mr. Garrard reveals his thoughts on the future of Columbus State University and where the potential growth will take place.

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