On-Demand Interactive Clinical Supervision Training: Using Multimedia for Building Basic Skills in Supervision

Michael L. Baltimore
Lori Brown


Interactive training approaches are used in industry and business for on-demand and compulsory training. However, use by counselor educators has been slow in developing this potential area of growth. Given current technologies, uses for interactive, easily created materials can become an important addition to the training of professional counselors in classrooms, by distance learning, in web-based training and, importantly, as a stand-alone product for increasing skill. Recently a self-directed interactive CD-ROM training program, Clinical Supervisor Training: An Interactive Training Program for the Helping Professions, was developed by the authors. The training package presents a format for the use of current technologies for enhancing training and teaching efforts of educators, particularly counselor educators. The focus of the program is clinical supervision. While this discipline lends itself to the use of computer-based interactivity, it is the premise of this document that many other areas of teaching and learning also can be enhanced by these methods. In fact, while this document covers details of the creation and development of the CD-ROM and training manual that accompanies the program, similar processes can be adapted for almost all areas within counselor education. (Author)