Transcending Disciplinary Lines to Promote Student Achievement at the Post-Secondary Level

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Writing proficiencies in the K-12 setting and at the post-secondary level have become stagnant and have decreased in some instances. Several studies indicated using peer review was beneficial for students by increasing student engagement and providing appropriate feedback. The purpose of this study was to examine the use of a peer review workshop as a pedagogical tool to promote teachercandidates' increased proficiency in writing and teacher-candidates' increased skills in using peer review as a formative assessment tool. The mixed methods study used the peer review forms completed by the participants and a follow-up survey as the data sources. The researchers found participants provided specific feedback, but they seemed to have difficulty clearly articulating specific strengths and weaknesses regarding the organization and mechanics of their peers' essays. The implications for using this pedagogical tool are to continue to refine the peer review form and process. In addition, other discipline specific techniques and strategies should be explored regarding their ability to transcend discipline lines and promote teacher-candidates' general pedagogical knowledge.

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