Date of Award





Computer Science - Applied Computing Track


TSYS School of Computer Science

First Advisor

Christopher C. Whitehead


With the advancement in technology over the years, the administering of online surveys has expanded. In particular, universities are using the online medium to administer surveys to students, in order to evaluate faculty performances. The move of surveys to the online realm has meant a reduction in cost, time and efforts, of survey administrators, and the increase in use of technology within universities. With the use of online surveys the challenges of confidentiality, anonymity and response rates are as prominent as they are with paper-based surveys. This study researched the use of online surveys in education; detailing systems currently used by many universities to facilitate the creation of an Online Survey System that would solve the latter challenges. The principal idea was to create a system that would provide the Columbus State University Computer Science department with a web-based tool for creating surveys and administering them online. The surveys will be created by faculty members; Survey Administrators, and administered to students; Survey lakers. With the system, faculty members are able to create surveys for classes taught, providing questions and responses deemed suitable. Once a survey is administered, students can access the survey by logging onto the system. Upon authentication students are able to complete surveys online. Surveys are generated dynamically, depending on the survey criteria supplied by the survey administrator. The system stores survey criterion in a database, which is retrieved when generating a survey for a survey taker to complete. The system developed focused on providing functionality that would increase the convenience of completing evaluation surveys and protect anonymity of students. The created system was successful in its aim to provide these features, also providing ease for faculty to create online surveys without having the extensive technical expertise that is required to do so.