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Political Science


Political Science and Public Administration

First Advisor

William L. Chappell

Second Advisor

Terry D. Norris


Questionnaires were mailed to all Columbus State University MP A/MSA alumni, and the responses were used to evaluate alumni perception of the program. Survey questions included: indication of the alumni option area; selection and evaluation of program objectives; relationship of the degree to the objective; year of graduation; perceived importance of the degree to life success; job status during and after completion of the degree; rankings of curriculum, support facilities, and advising; value of degree versus the cost of acquiring the degree; the fulfillment of learning expectations; career goals reached through program training; contribution of the program to the general knowledge of administrative practices and issues; contribution of program to the individual's ability to analyze, devise, deal with, communicate, and make effective decisions; which skills were ranked as the most helpful; program impact on the individual's ability and/or perspectives; and whether there is a need for further education in connection with career development. The survey found overall satisfaction in the Columbus State University MP A/MSA program. Health Service Administration alumni did not have as high an approval rating as did General Government Administration or Justice Administration alumni responses. The greatest dissatisfaction was found in job placement upon receiving the degree. Responses expressed a need to review courses related to budgeting and financial administration. The majority of respondents had high commendation and praise for the program.