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School of Nursing

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Cheryl M. Smith


The aim of this focused project was to explore perceptions and identify needs of teachers of medically fragile children (MFC), in the grade setting, with the hope of designing educational modules to be utilized as supportive measures by the teachers for the classroom setting. The focused project consisted of an extensive literature review of medical fragility in school age children as well as a literature review of teachers' perceptions and needs identified in the past. Nola Pender's Health Promotion Model served as the conceptual framework in designing the study. Two focus groups were conducted among grade teachers enrolled in Masters level courses, for a total of 27 participants. Focus group results correlated with the literature review findings. Teachers from the focus groups reported inadequate nursing services support and identified a need for better training for a fully successful inclusive environment for the MFC. The project results support the need for an educational intervention for the teachers of MFC.

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