Date of Award





Computer Science - Applied Computing Track

Degree Type



TSYS School of Computer Science

First Advisor

Shamim Kahn

Second Advisor

Timothy G. Howard

Third Advisor

Lydia Ray


This thesis proposes and investigates a new hybrid technique based on Genetic Programming (GP) and Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) techniques for inducing data classification rules. The proposed hybrid approach aims to improve on the accuracy of data classification rules produced by the original GP technique, which uses randomly generated initial populations. This hybrid technique relies on the ACO technique to produce the initial populations for the GP technique. To evaluate and compare their effectiveness in producing good data classification rules, GP, ACO, and hybrid techniques were implemented in the C programming language. The data classification rules were created and evaluated by executing these codes with two datasets for credit scoring problems, widely known as the Australian and German datasets, available from the Machine Learning Repository at the University of California, Irvine. The experimental results demonstrate that although all tree techniques yield similar accuracy during testing, on average, the hybrid ACO-GP approach performs better than either GP or ACO during training.