Date of Award






Degree Type

Bachelor of Fine Arts


Art Department

First Advisor

Professor Yuichiro Komatsu

Second Advisor

Professor Hannah Israel

Third Advisor

Dr. Cameron Williams


Campbell Eubanks’ artwork reflects ideas surrounding the ever-growing complexities of human nature in the context of our growing world. She uses ceramics to investigate human purpose in a digital world by employing artificial intelligence along with her own skills and craft. Her work aims to challenge viewers to contemplate the intricate relationship between humans and artificial intelligence. During her research, Eubanks has looked towards other artists who invite AI into their traditional practices. Sougwen Chung is one example of this. Chung has trained AI robots to learn her style and works alongside them in performances to create collaborative gestural drawings. This innovative approach has encouraged Eubanks to embrace the advancements of AI and to question the impact of collaborating with it. She is intrigued by the possibility of utilizing AI in her own artistic practice, while also examining the purpose of herself as an artist. Eubanks’ project includes three phases to better define the connection between humans and AI: collaboration, comparison, and distinction. While she has worked with multiple mediums, Eubanks finds that ceramics has been largely forgotten within artificial intelligence-generated content. Although three-dimensional printing has become more popular, most AI generators are used to create two-dimensional digital pieces. The work Eubanks creates explores the possibility of an intersection between ceramics and artificial intelligence. She is interested in combining the traditional and tactile nature of ceramics with the infinite possibilities of AI to create a body of work that questions each counterpart's significance. Eubanks’ art allows viewers to confront their own biases and visualize a world educated with responsible usage of artificial intelligence. Although it teaches viewers how to sensibly integrate AI into everyday life, the work also embraces human-crafted qualities and emphasizes the irreplaceable role of the artist.