Date of Award





Communication - Communication Studies Track

Degree Type

Master of Arts


Communication Department

First Advisor

Dr. Kisun Kim

Second Advisor

Dr. Tiffany Mcbride

Third Advisor

Dr. Adam Bova


The literature surrounding parasocial relationships (PSRs) has been expansive but lacks the perspective of how parasocial relationships can impact the media figure in certain contexts, specifically in regard to Twitch livestreamers and their communities. Previous research has examined how PSRs fulfill certain roles in the individual’s life, as well as some aspects that affect the relationship, such as the strength and development of the relationship. Previous research has concluded that stronger PSRs can develop from livestreaming platforms such as Twitch. This study investigates the relationship between Twitch livestreamers and PSRs. Through semi-structured interviews with seven participants, this study finds the PSR can impact a livestreamers social life, well-being, and their career, as well as cognitive dissonance likely being another factor resulting from the relationship. This paper proposes a scale to measure the impacts of PSRs on media figures for further research in this area of research.