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Communication - Communication Studies Track

Degree Type

Masters of Arts in Communication


Communication Department

First Advisor

Dr. Ramesh Rao

Second Advisor

Dr. Kisum Kim

Third Advisor

Dr. Youngrak Park


Social media marketing has proven to be immensely beneficial in providing a mostly free, accessible way to inform people and carry out campaigns. For nonprofits, social media platforms provide a channel to reach large audiences quickly, efficiently, and engagingly. How social media is used by nonprofit organizations – especially medium to small-scale organizations – plays a huge factor in their social media success. This factor can affect followers’ attitudes, perceptions, knowledge, and behavior toward the brand, which consequently affects the engagement level. To better understand how nonprofits use social media, in this study, the researcher will interview social media managers from three nonprofits and consider why Facebook is a popular site for nonprofits and businesses out of all the other platforms that the organizations use.

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Communication Commons