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Communication - Communication Studies Track

Degree Type

Master of Arts in Communication


Communication Department

First Advisor

Dr. Youngrak Park

Second Advisor

Dr. Ramesh Rao

Third Advisor

Dr. Kisun Kim


This study investigates the attitudes of college and non-college athletes on analytical and traditional commentary styles during baseball broadcasts. The attitudes tested were satisfaction and likelihood to watch again (retention). The experiment had two data collection sessions for the athletes and non-athletes where they were exposed to either analytical or traditional commentary. The exposure came through the reading of a fictional scrip based on each style and then the participants were asked to answer questions to test their satisfaction and retention. Through a comprehensive analysis, including independent sample t-tests and two-way ANOVA, the findings revealed a significant main effect for athlete status on both satisfaction and retention. However, commentary style alone did not have a significant impact on either variable. The absence of a significant interaction between athlete status and commentary style on satisfaction and retention scores indicates that the relationship between athlete status and these variables is not moderated by a specific type of commentary. Overall, the study added to the understanding of factors shaping audience satisfaction and retention in baseball broadcasts.

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Communication Commons