Date of Award





Doctor of Education

Degree Type

Curriculum and Leadership


Teacher Education

First Advisor

Michael Dentzau

Second Advisor

Tugce Gul

Third Advisor

Kimberly Shaw


The study, “3DDP Engineering Design Intervention Impacts on Student Perceptions, Attitudes, and Interest Towards Engineering” explored the impact of a culturally responsive, semi-formal 3D printing (3DDP) intervention on middle school students' perceptions, attitudes, and interest in engineering. The intervention aimed to broaden access to engineering education by providing formative experiences outside traditional classroom settings within the regular school day. A multifaceted approach was employed, utilizing quantitative analysis of assessments and surveys, qualitative analysis of written responses, follow-up interviews, and student-produced artifacts. The intervention functioned as a student-driven engineering club, integrating culturally relevant themes and hands-on activities spanning diverse engineering domains. Results indicate no significant overall changes in student perceptions of engineering, though a notable increase in portrayals related to educational aspects of engineering emerged post-intervention. While statistical analysis did not reveal widespread shifts in attitudes towards engineering, qualitative data highlighted nuanced changes, including a broadened perception of engineering and sustained interest in engineering careers. Student interviews provided additional context, emphasizing the program's engaging nature and its success in igniting genuine interest in design and engineering. Although the intervention lacked elements such as teamwork activities and longer session durations, it demonstrated potential for engaging underrepresented groups in STEM. Future programs could benefit from incorporating these elements to enhance learning depth and engagement, striving for inclusivity and scalability to achieve the goal of "STEM for all."