Zeinab Ahmed

Date of Award

Fall 2023




Master of Cybersecurity Management

Degree Type

Master of Science


TSYS School of Computer Science

First Advisor

Dr. Yeşem Kurt-Peker

Second Advisor

Dr. Lydia Ray

Third Advisor

Dr. Lixin Wang


This study aims to better prepare students for cybersecurity roles by providing practical tools that bridge the gap between theory and real-world applications. We investigate the role of small scenario-based exercises for students’ understanding of cybersecurity concepts. In particular, we assess the use of Docker technology to deliver training that includes a simple small scenario on html code injection. The effectiveness of scenario-based learning has long been defined and by using SBL, we are going to create hands-on activity that involves the fundamental topics in cybersecurity using Docker technology, allowing students to see the exploitation of the vulnerabilities and defense mechanisms against the attacks. The study’s results deduced from the analysis of responses from two surveys favored small scenario-based exercises for hands on activities in cybersecurity and the use of Docker technology for building such scenarios. By underlining the links between the studies discussed in the paper and our study, it shows the importance of scenario-based learning in cybersecurity education, highlighting its hands-on and practical nature. Also, it advocates for tailored educational programs that effectively integrate theoretical knowledge with practical application, emphasizing the value of this approach in preparing students for real-world cybersecurity challenges.