Letasha Pope

Date of Award

Fall 2023




Doctor of Education

Degree Type

Curriculum and Leadership


Teacher Education

First Advisor

Jennifer Lovelace, Ed. D.

Second Advisor

Jennifer VanSlander, Ed. D.

Third Advisor

Adam Kilcrease, Ph. D.


It is a promotional requirement for grade 3 students to pass the Reading Georgia Milestones Assessment. Teachers are also expected to implement Differentiated Instruction (DI) with their students. The problem addressed in the study was to examine third grade teachers’ perceived effectiveness of Differentiated Instruction with students who must pass the Reading Georgia Milestones Assessment. The purpose of this bounded, case study was to describe teachers’ perceptions of implementing DI with grade 3 students in a school district located in central Georgia. The research paradigm that was used in this study was qualitative. This study included semi structured interviews of 10 third grade, general education teachers and document analysis. A thematic analysis of the data collected was performed and provided insight into the participants’ perceptions of the implementation of DI with third grade students.