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Political Science


Political Science and Public Administration

First Advisor

Terry D. Norris

Second Advisor

William L. Chappell


The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) has initiated a research project that profiles the perpetrators of hostage and barricade incidents. This research is conducted using a questionnaire that is completed at incident conclusion. The questionnaire was provide .. by the FBI as part of a project called HOB AS (Hostage, Barricade, and Suicide). The HOBAS information is distributed electronically and in print to member law enforcement agencies. HOBAS information is used in this project as the main source of secondary data. The University of Louisville School of Medicine supplied an additional source of secondary data. There are 24 questionnaires that make up the primary information. The HOBAS database covers 1,828 incidents, and 120 incidents are described in the information from Louisville. There is not enough primary data to constitute valid research from a statistical standpoint. However, for the purposes of future research, the three sources are listed and discussed in a preliminary manner. The premise that the perpetrators of these incidents and the incidents themselves have common factors is demonstrated. Unique aspects of the incidents that have occurred in Georgia are also discussed.