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Jennifer Lovelace

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Melissa Young

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Gail Johnson


This study aimed to better understand academic advising by examining the perspectives of academic advisors at a Georgia Research 1 institution located in a large city. Initially, the purpose of this case study was to learn more about how academic advisors view effective strategies for boosting their students' performance. Nine academic advisors from a multi-campus institution in the southeastern United States were interviewed for this qualitative study. The participants were asked to complete 30 to 60-minute interviews with the researcher. By evaluating the personal responses used throughout the study, the researcher could identify frequent themes during data collection and analysis. The themes found through the data collection process were interpersonal relationships, progression to graduation, and challenges. The themes related to effective advising strategies were interpersonal relationships and progression to graduation and the themes for barriers were the challenges: department cohesiveness, lack of advisor training, staff retention, and additional advisors. The findings of this research could be used by educational institutions to enhance their academic advising services.

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