Date of Award

Spring 4-19-2022




Doctor of Education

Degree Type

Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Leadership


Counseling, Foundations & Leadership

First Advisor

Robert Waller, Ed.D.

Second Advisor

Dr. Parul Acharya, Ph.D.

Third Advisor

Richard Rogers, Ed.D.


The qualitative bounded case study examined the HOPE Scholarship including the policy changes it went through since its inception and the impact HOPE has made on postsecondary education in Georgia. HOPE is the largest merit-based scholarship in the United States and is facing issues with funding for future scholars. This dissertation addressed its inception by Governor Zell Miller, the changes that it went through as issues arose, and the impact it has made on postsecondary education since 1993.

The problem addressed by this dissertation was there was a lack of longitudinal research data on the topics addressed in this dissertation. Nine different archival documents were chosen to not only extract data from, but to tell the narrative of this enormous merit-based scholarship. A document content analysis was conducted on each document to answer the research questions. Future recommendations for research were also proposed.

Included in

Education Commons