Date of Award

Summer 6-15-2021




Doctor of Education

Degree Type

Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Leadership


Teacher Education

First Advisor

Dr. Anna Hart, Ed.D.

Second Advisor

Dr. Basil Conway, Ph.D.

Third Advisor

Dr. Tom McCormack, Ed.D.


Purposeful movement integration adds movement into the content areas with the physical activity involving the content (for example, math stations that involve students moving around the room). For background on the topic, student benefits, teachers' perspectives, constraints with movement, and teacher professional learning were researched. A quantitative study was conducted to investigate teachers’ change in perspectives and knowledge on purposeful movement intervention as well as increase the frequency of student movement experiences during and after a virtual professional development course. The results of a Hoteling’s T-Squared test concluded that there was a significant difference in the perceptions and knowledge of movement integration. Teachers scored higher on the posttest than the pretest. Also, a repeated measures ANOVA was conducted and found a statistical significance in the differences of the frequencies; each week the frequencies increased. The results suggest that participation in virtual professional learning increases teachers’ perceptions and knowledge as well as their frequency of movement integration in the classroom.