Date of Award





Doctor of Education

Degree Type



Teacher Education

First Advisor

Jennifer Lovelace, PhD

Second Advisor

Anna Hart, Ed.D

Third Advisor

Chris Garretson Ed.D


Digital Portfolios, also known as electronic portfolios, became more visible in the educational landscape. This study employs a causal comparative design to assess the impact of web-based digital portfolios on seniors’ standardized economics assessment scores at a Metro Atlanta high school. The purpose of this study is to determine if students’ use of digital portfolios caused differences in economics end-of-course (EOC) assessment scores (dependent variable) between different groups of high school students (independent variables) across two years of implementation. Using the first-generation activity theory as the theoretical framework, the researcher frames the study as an activity system where the groups of high school seniors (subjects), digital portfolios (tools), and the objective is earning proficient scores on the economics EOC assessment. Data was collected from the spring 2018 and spring 2019 Georgia Milestones economics assessments and analyzed with a factorial ANOVA. The researcher found statistically significant differences between the mean economics EOC assessment scores of students who used digital portfolios in their economics classes compared to students who did not. Of the students who used digital portfolios, the researcher also found statistically significant differences between students enrolled in AP economics courses compared to students enrolled in regular economics courses and statistically significant differences between gifted and non-gifted students. Implications from the study could initiate a paradigm shift in the approach to purposefully fusing technology into secondary classrooms, especially economics classrooms. Furthermore, the findings of this study could create a demand for more research or training of specific technological strategies to support student learning in economics, preparation for end-of course tests, and other summative exams.