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Criminal Justice

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Criminal Justice and Sociology

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Theresa Willey

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Dorinda Dowis

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Cindy Ticknor


Social disorganization is represented by an inability of community members to attain mutual goals or to resolve commonly experienced problems (Bursik, 1988). Clifford Shaw and Henry McKay were the first sociologists to denote this occurrence in Chicago. Shaw and McKay are examined as reputable sociologists and a summary of their work on this topic is discussed. This thesis sought to determine the social disorganization in Georgia by examining and analyzing the rates of juvenile delinquency. This thesis contains a literature review, a methodology and an analysis section. The literature review covered the history of the theory, tracing it back to the 1930s. The Methodology section detailed the approaches and techniques used to gather data and research. The research and analysis focused primarily on the arrest numbers and criminal offense ~ of the juveniles in Georgia and compared those with the residential stability, ethnic diversity, and family disorder levels of that area.

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Criminology Commons