Date of Award





Doctor of Education

Degree Type



Counseling, Foundations & Leadership

First Advisor

Christopher Garretson

Second Advisor

Parul Acharya

Third Advisor

Thomas J. McCormack


The role of the principal and the assistant principal has changed dramatically. Principals were considered solely managers; however, now their role includes the responsibility of being instructional leaders. The assistant principal was responsible for the clerical chores and tasked solely to be a disciplinarian. However, due to educational reforms such as Race to the Top, the expectation of both the principal and the assistant principal is to support teachers as instructional leaders. To fulfill the responsibility of supporting teachers’ instructional practices, principals and assistant principals conduct instructional walkthroughs and provide feedback at least two times a year via the Teacher Keys Effectiveness System, also known as TKES, to identify teachers’ professional strengths and weaknesses. The purpose of this mixed methods explanatory study was to understand the impact of the overall score elementary general education teachers receive in the principal or assistant principal led instructional walkthroughs on their perception of the effectiveness of the walkthrough in improving their pedagogical practices. Both relationships and impact were examined. The correlational and phenomenological research design was used for the quantitative and qualitative portions of the research design respectively. A joint display table was used to integrate both quantitative and qualitative data.