Caleb Cole

Date of Award





Music Education - Instrumental Concentration

Degree Type

Bachelor of Music Education


Schwob School of Music

First Advisor

Michelle Debruyn

Second Advisor

Jacqueline Radebaugh

Third Advisor

Michelle Folta


This thesis seeks to explore the idea of effective practice as being meditative in nature. Effective practice and meditation are both viewed independently, and elements of both are discussed. Meditation, in the literature, is viewed in different lights and is defined in many ways. This makes it difficult to nail down a single definition of meditation. The process itself is debated and several different categorizations are offered. Some research shows Unwanted Effects (UE) to meditation, but these concerns are not widespread. Meditation appears to be a healthy practice that may have health benefits. Effective practice is viewed next; Grit, deliberate practice, and other popular perspectives on effective practice are discussed. Select practice strategies are reviewed. Ultimately, the literature does not show a direct link between effective practice and meditation. However, the health benefits that meditation offers may promote better performance indirectly.