Date of Award





Business, Marketing

Degree Type

Bachelor of Business Administration


Management and Marketing Department

First Advisor

Sungwoo Jung

Second Advisor

Gregory Hudgison

Third Advisor

John Barone


Marketing is an important tool for capturing customers and sales in business, and it’s equally as important to an institution like Columbus State University (CSU) aiming to capture student customers. The development of a marketing plan through extensive research and planning will contribute to the success of all involved marketing efforts. This marketing plan will include all the standard essential elements: business mission statement, situation (SWOT) analysis, objectives, marketing strategy, implementation, and evaluation control. For the mission statement, the current statement from the 2018-2023 Strategic Plan will be used. The situation analysis will include looking at the current strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats of CSU. Based on this analysis, the objectives of the marketing plan will be created. The marketing strategy will include development of the target market strategy and the marketing mix. Target market strategy will consist of segmentation, targeting, and positioning while the marketing mix is made up of product, price, place, and promotion. An action plan will be developed to implement the marketing plan, and evaluation and control methods will be planned. The proposed plan would increase student enrollment and brand awareness of CSU.

Included in

Marketing Commons