Date of Award





Computer Science - Applied Computing Track

Degree Type

Master of Science


TSYS School of Computer Science

First Advisor

Rania Hodhod

Second Advisor

Shamim Khan

Third Advisor

Wayne Summers


Artificial conversational agents are software agents that can interact with humans in the way humans do. Siri Cortana, and Alexa are examples of intelligent agents that can help us with almost all the basic tasks. These agents are smart enough to do the basic tasks, but not as much when it comes to complex tasks, such as analyzing traffic data, reviewing scheduling conflicts, rescheduling meetings while resolving conflicts, and offering suggestions based upon data analyses (e.g. traffic patterns, weather, etc.) The actual potential of dialogue-based task agent potential remains untapped. The reason is the fact agents lack the ability to fully understand human language. Natural Language processing (NLP) makes it possible for those agents to understand humans. The current research project explores the development of a conversational agent, Schedulio, that can be connected to the user's calendar and assist with the scheduling, deletion, and modification of events using natural language conversation. Additionally, current research explores the implementation of a recommendation agent that provides suggestions based upon time and slot date recommendation, location-specific weather data, and traffic patterns.